Changing The World One Outfit At A Time

Globalization has brought about an amazing array of achievements. Lower cost of goods. Access to new cultures. Quicker democratization of information and technology.  All of this has come at a price however: Increased carbon emissions. The razing of natural lands and rainforest. A decrease in biodiversity. Global warming (yes, it’s real).

While we do not have to kiss these advances in our civilization goodbye, we do need to start looking at Globalization as merely one half of a well worn coin. The other half being, sustainability. Without a balance of the two, it will become tarnished and worthless in the end. 

Sustainability. When we start to think about what this word really means, it feels almost overwhelming. Our planet is unimaginatively large, and somehow sustaining it can seem like an impossible task. Moreover, despite how big of an impact it has on our existence, it becomes so easily forgotten in our day to day lives. University classes, pick up the kids, get a job, go to work, need groceries for dinner. Our lives can feel like an endless stream of obstacles or objectives to overcome and these secondary ideas can get lost in the mix. The time has long passed to allow for it to be a secondary idea however. 

Our environment, in particular our rainforests, are losing more diversity each year. Acting as the lungs to our planet, they are vital to the health of our planet. Every day almost 200,000 acres of rainforest are burned down or lost to deforestation. Just to put that in perspective, it’s the size of ten Manhattan Islands. This is why we’ve chosen the Rainforest Trust as the non-profit we work with through our Koda Karma. 

By donating 10% of all profits to them we continually push to curb these devastating effects on our environment. 

By shopping with us, you personally are curbing the devastation alongside us.

Making fashion sustainable isn’t about profit or a trend, it’s about considering future generations. Our Koda Karma program does not increase any of our partnered brands’ prices by any amount, it simply comes from our own pockets. It helps us align fashion and sustainability in a guilt-free way.

The idea of Shop Local - Think Global drives every move we make, and together, you can help us achieve a dream of changing the world one outfit at a time. Let 2021 be a year where your fashion not only looks good, but does good.  

We are the Koda Collective, and together, we can create something beautiful.


- by Madison Romeril

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