Happy Earth Day!

It all starts with one.

One company. One brand. One person. 

Together, as forward thinking individuals we can create cause for bigger change.

Many Canadian fashion brands have set their sights on eco-friendly consumption, but have learned that creating fashion that doesn’t harm the environment can be costly and limiting.  Some bigger Canadian brands have resorted to green-washing to swim in the pool with sustainable players.  Others have perfected a formula that has appealed to the masses.  

We’ve been damaging our planet for years, so we can not expect to fix it in just a few fashion cycles.  The process has been long for many brands.  Like, Canadian company Guru, an Oakville, Ontario based contemporary fashion brand who pioneered up-cycled fashion.  With deep grassy roots in up-cycling, their team in India was bartering every day essentials with the women in local villages in exchange for their previously loved saris.

The result was a recipe for sustainability. Guru, a 100% sustainable brand prides themselves on being Canadian and eco-conscious.  Though the manufacturing takes place in India, where they procure their textiles, their styles are designed here in Canada.  

This small Canadian brand is in good company with other sustainable brands that are working hard to save the environment.  We applaud their efforts everyday for creating a better tomorrow. 

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