We are proud to announce a partnership with Permanent Vacation!

Permanent Vacation is a clothing and travel accessory brand that resonates the feeling that paradise is a state of mind. Born in Canada, we strive to produce pieces that convey particular moods or emotions commonly inspired by music or film while staying true to a minimalistic and timeless aesthetic. In our collection you’ll find pieces that are loud through colour, controversial through design, or cool and calm through minimalism. So if you’re looking to party, spark a conversation or just chill out, chances are we’ve created pieces to suit your tone.

Our goal is to be a global brand, and we plan to get there one city at a time. Permanent Vacation is committed to exploring and growing with strong values in mind. We recognize that we live in a privileged part of the world and are passionate about giving back as much as we can. In light of this, we have donated portions of our profits to charities that build clean water wells in undeveloped countries and we plan to continue contributing to causes that help save lives.

To us it doesn’t matter if you’re a celebrity or if you flip burgers. If you enjoy what you do, you’re on a Permanent Vacation. All play, No work.

We Salute you


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