The Roots We Share

Sentiments towards the businesses that occupy our communities have fluctuated throughout the decades. While staples for some and relics for others, they have always occupied a physical presence in our neighbourhoods for as long as we can remember.

Only recently, breaking through the shroud of COVID19, has “Shop Local” become a popular theme across all our media outlets. A lighthouse beckoning people from the choppy waters of big box retailers back to local shores.

Unfortunately, it’s become so much easier to recognize multi-national super-retailers than the local businesses in our community. At least one such super-store pops into our heads without having to even think about it.

In 2020, it’s become much more important to be conscious of that ingrained brand awareness because of the actual power we have as consumers. Each dollar of ours is significantly more influential to a local business than to a big-box retailer. It’s clear that each day is a challenge for local retail shops to reach more consumers with so many closing, so why not exercise your influence, flex that power, and bring money back into the neighbourhoods who need it most, your own.

We have to be protective. It's become clear no-one else is going to do it for us.

It's an amazing feat that brands are “local” because they chose one single location to pursue their visions. Of every possible location in Canada, the brands local to you chose your community as a home base.

Because each brand visionary’s own life is grounded where their business is, they are more invested in that community’s well-being. The community is then reflected in all their unique creations. Big-box retailers exist all across the country and their shelves will be identically stocked, but local retailers harbour a uniqueness, care, and quality that we can’t find elsewhere. The visionaries that have chosen to gift their own communities in this way should be celebrated and supported by all of us. Why not support these local champions of individuality? 

Absolutely everything you see on Koda is from a local Canadian business that we’ve partnered with. Every piece of clothing, jewelry, footwear, and accessory was envisioned and brought to life by a neighbour in your own community. This means that each time you purchase anything you are directly contributing to your local economy and aiding at least one business’s fight against permanent closure during these hard times.

At our core, we want Canadian consumers to intentionally choose local goods over anything else and our purpose is to make this choice extremely convenient and accessible. Why not embrace all that your neighbours have to offer? Your purchase may just change someones life forever. 

Together, we are Koda. And together, we can create something beautiful.



- by Madison Romeril

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