Brave Soles Life


      The choices we make should be a reflection of what we value. In BRAVE SOLES we value people, our planet and the legacy we are leaving long after we are gone. The false perception that we deserve to get everything cheaper and faster has a cost that we can no longer afford to pay as a global community.

      In the end, it's the most vulnerable people and environments who pays the highest price for it all. In early 2017, an idea struck founder Christal Earle for the first time. Why not use tires for soles on beautiful hand made shoes - and create a way to help the most vulnerable people in the process?

      The ability to ask a different question has led us on this journey that continues to expand and grow. It's not just our story, nor is it a tire's story. This is the story of a lot of people like you: people who know they want to be proud of what the do and what they wear. People like us know that we can do better. We also know we can look great while doing it!

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