About Us

What Is Koda?

Koda is an online boutique that found it's roots in the Toronto fashion industry providing consumers with a reliable way to shop great designs while supporting their local community with every purchase. Eventually expanding nation-wide due to high demand, Koda has become the alternative to unethical big box retailers for Canadians. Not only do we work with many sustainably made fashion brands but we also donate a minimum of 10% of all profits to The Rainforest Trust to help protect and restore the biodiversity of our planet. 

Why "Koda"?

Koda is an indigenous word that means "ally" or "friend". It was a concept developed in the wake of a global crisis by it's Métis founder who couldn't watch large corporations take advantage of every day Canadians any longer.

With retail shops closing down nation-wide, The Koda Collective was developed as a way to support local business owners by making it easy and transparent for consumers to find their new favourite brands, fully confident that it was helping people within their own community.

Our Purpose

Shop Local | Koda Collective is about creating a community of allies, to fight against the status quo and refocus on the people who pour their heart and souls into what they do. Join our growing community of fashion forward members and get conscious about where you're buying from.

Think Global | Portions of all proceeds are donated to The Rainforest Trust through our Koda Karma initiative. A way for us to leave the planet better than we came into it. By shopping on our store, not only does every purchase you make support businesses directly in your community, but you also contribute to rainforest conservation around the world. 

What We Offer

We offer Canadians direct access to the growing movement dubbed "Community based retail". Countless brands owned and operated in cities all around Canada provide you with a shopping alternative to big box retailers who continually pollute our environment, and take advantage of every-day Canadians.

Together Canadians can come together and take back what's ours. Together we are stronger and Together we can create something beautiful.

How To Reach Us

You can reach us directly at info@kodacollective.ca or by visiting our contact page.