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Koda donates 10% of all profits to the Rainforest Trust. By shopping with us, you are personally responsible for contributing to our growing impact below.

If you'd prefer to make a direct impact...

43 acres protected

That's more than 1.80 million square feet of land protected from deforestation and balance restored for the Eco-system.

6,394 metric tonnes stored

That's roughly the weight of 875 elephants in carbon stored and kept out of the atmosphere.


Our partners at the Rainforest Trust focus on preserving habitat for those species that are Critically Endangered, Endangered, and Vulnerable per the IUCN Red List.

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Our Partnership With

The Rainforest Trust

Save Rain forests. Save Species. Save the Planet.

Every day, precious acres of rain forest are lost forever. Highly threatened species lose their habitat. Communities lose their forest livelihoods. Water sources and weather systems are disrupted. The planet is impacted when stored carbon is released by deforestation and degradation.

Logging, palm oil production and mining destroy forests and pollute water. Poachers traffic plants and animals out of intact habitat. Human expansion and settlement, clearing forests for homesteads and farms, can result in disease outbreaks.

But their conservation work makes a tangible difference.

Whether it is preserving the Amazon and the way of life for indigenous people, purchasing rain forest in Borneo to create a urgently-needed corridor for Pygmy Elephants to migrate or establishing a network of new national parks across Cambodia, with your gift to the Conservation Action Fund, Rainforest Trust will take swift conservation action when and where it is needed most, preserving all types of critical areas for life on Earth.

Healthy forests. Healthy planet.

Habitat protection anywhere benefits life everywhere. From city parks to rainforests, each species has a role in the choreography of interdependence. But species also depend on habitat, the space they need to play their role. Our food, medicine, air and water need to come from healthy ecosystems, and tropical rainforests provide us with a large percentage of all of these. A robust local biodiversity provides ecosystem services like nutrient transfer and pollution breakdown that spread across the entire planet. Protecting diverse habitats is essential to our global ecological health. The Conservation Action Fund allows Rainforest Trust to provide all threatened species and ecosystems no matter how great or small.

Be a part of our solution.

Rainforests are under constant threat. Rainforest Trust believes that the simple solution of stopping the destruction of the last remaining rainforests will positively impact species, communities and the planet. To achieve this goal, sustainably, we establish relationships with local conservation organizations and work together to identify and protect habitat. A gift to their Conservation Action Fund supports their most urgent work around the world. Their conservation work makes a tangible difference.


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