Vendor Proposal

What We Offer

We connect to local fashion brands shopify sites through a free app integration. This app lets us mirror your inventory in real time on our site, including stock, pricing, photos, descriptions, and more. This create a secondary sales channel for you with no extra work or effort. Time is money as we all know, so extra sales without extra work for you is always a good thing. 

How It Works

  1. We connect to your site through the app integration.
  2. We promote you on our social media
  3. Orders that come in to our store are automatically fowarded to you
  4. Shipping costs are split between all vendors on an order and you will be reimbursed your share accordingly on every sale.
  5. We keep 10% of gross sales and pay you out the rest at the end of each month

What We Require

  1. All vendors must make a story and a post letting their audience know they can also find you on Koda, and tag us in the description/post.
  2. Follow us on instagram.
  3. Ship out orders received within 2 business days
  4. Be a good person.

That's the whole set-up in a nutshell.

DM me on instagram if you're still interested, and we can move into next steps.